Environmentally Friendly Grease Catchment Device

FOG_Safe grease catchment







FOG Safe

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Created to help consumers become more environmentally safe, the FOG Safe product will reduce the amount of oil and grease that gets disposed of and ultimately reduce the amount of oil waste that makes it into landfills, gardens, water sources, streams, and oceans.

Using our design and 3D Printing process, prototype molds were created to produce a low volume quantity for final testing and marketing integration.  Using 3D Printed molds compared to traditional molding materials saved the customer more than $8,000 in tooling costs and reduced development time from months to weeks.

Project Detail

  • Client: FOG Safe
  • Date: December 1, 2015
  • Category: Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Product, Branding, 3D Printing
  • URL: www.fog-safe.com