Product Design: FOG Safe [Case Study]


The challenge: Design and development of a prototype mold for final product testing and market integration.

The FOG Safe is an environmentally conscious product designed to keep fat, oil and grease from drains and ultimately our environment. By reducing fat, oil and grease waste material from our drains, we not only greatly reduce our carbon footprint, but protect our landfills, gardens, water sources, streams and oceans from harmful chemicals. With this waste reduction goal in mind, the FOG Safe was created.

FOG_Safe grease catchment_product design

Using our product design and 3D Printing process, prototype molds were created to produce a low volume quantity for final testing and marketing integration. The data obtained during this testing phase has allowed FOG Safe to receive several patents and other IP protections for the product. Utilizing 3D printed molds, as compared to traditional molding materials, saved our client more than $8,000 in tooling expenses and reduced the product development time from months to weeks.

Results: By creating less expensive tooling we were able to save our client over $8,000 in tooling expenses. The functional prototype has been effective in conducting testing and developing use cases. The overall product development cycle was reduced by months using 3D Printing technology over aluminum or steel molds during the prototyping phase.

With the assistance from 3D Innovations, a prototype part and tooling was able to be developed in a much shorter time period than traditional manufacturing and mold making methods. The assistance they provided helped to produce a design that was used for manufacturing, patent applications, and packaging design.”


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