3D Academy STEM Enrichment Camps

Make way for our Summer Camps! 3D Academy has lined up popular STEM Enrichment Camps during the month of June that are sure to please and stimulate the inquisitive minds of your children. Parents will appreciate knowing that their child is staying busy, productive, and most importantly, continuing to learn and develop skills that will help them succeed educationally.

Our STEM enrichment courses support learning outside of the classroom through hands-on experimentation and problem solving of popular STEM issues in the areas of science, engineering, computer coding, robotics, and more.

3D Academy uses professional lesson plans, equipment, and materials, to ensure your child finishes each course with lifelong STEM technical skills and leadership skills of analytical and critical thinking, communication, and teamwork.

Empower your child to succeed by enrolling them in one or more of our STEM enrichment courses today!

3D Printing & CAD Design with Legos®

Summer 2020 (Exact date TBD) All Day Enrichment Camps (Gr. 2-6)

3D Academy: 3D Printing & CAD Design with Legos®

Students will learn the fundamentals of 3D Design, 3D Printing, CAD Design and Spatial Environments to create their own custom Lego design and part while learning about the various principles that integrate with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students will be introduced to the world of 3D Printing, CAD Design, Engineering, and prototyping all while being in an immersive STEM learning environment.

Product Development & Invention Camp

June 8 – 12, 2020 All Day Enrichment Camps (Gr. 7-12)

3D Academy: Product Development & Invention Program

Students will learn the fundamentals of the Product Design and Invention process. They will be introduced to principles such as 3D Design, 3D Printing, CAD Design, Manufacturing Processes, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property (IP), creating a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), Market Research, and the various principles that integrate with creating a new product.

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