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Developing Ideas From Concept To Product®


Develop your concept and launch your idea into products

Product Design and Development | 3D Prototyping

3D Design

Create a 3D digital design to refine and develop manufacturable designs

3D Printing

Use 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing to build prototypes or end use parts


Build a prototype to validate your design or use as a marketing tool

Manufacturing 3D Printing


Need parts? We have partners and resources for producing low and high volume production parts

Case Studies

Our client, The Baby Toon, on Shark Tank Season 11 Premiere

The BabyToon

Fishing Lure Mold

IllumeRx Infectious Disease Goggle

Brush Knuckles

Past Projects

Custom rubber cover plug

Custom cover plug for hotel door locking system. High temperature and oil resistant rubber.

3D Printed window latch

Replacement window latch

Replicated window latch replacement for obsolete parts

Multi Dish combo

Multi Dish Bowl & Plate combo

Multi Dish Food ware


KN95 Mask Filter Inserts for protection against airborne viruses.


Ergonomic and interchangeable pruning shears

Bottle Buddy

Bottle Cap for children

Pacific Ocean Dreams

Sand Anchor to safely secure umbrellas and tents at the beach

Medical Device

Wireless medical monitoring device

Manufacturing Drawings

Assembly instruction diagrams
Design documentation
Parts List generation

Food Container Design

Custom Shave Ice cup design

Custom Sheet Metal part

Custom Sheet Metal part for electro-mechanical assembly

Custom Lure Designs – Atama Lures

Custom Lure Plug design for silicone mold and casting resin production

Electronic Wearable Tech

Electronic Wearable Tech product for sensing, monitoring, and data capturing

Condominium Association

Injection Molded custom window holder
High tensile strength + high thermal properties

Anuva Company

Quick and Easy Change CV-boot kit

Smiley Rides

Interactive dental products designed for children to promote life long healthy oral hygiene habits

Ibis Networks

IoT device to monitor electrical usage

3D Printing

Custom 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

Electronic Housing

Multi material design

Paper Pulp Packaging

Environmentally friendly Paper Pulp Packaging product

Thermoformed tray for food product

Recycled PET material

Custom overmolded plastic rubber handle

Overmolded Handle

Ergonomic custom handle design with multi materials for handling comfort

Skout Cycling Gear

Ultimate Protection Against Handlebar Impact

The BabyToon

Silicone baby spoon

Pupu Cooler

Keeps your Pupu’s cold and fresh

Custom Electronic Device

Proprietary electronic device

GoPro Hat Clip Mount

Attach your GoPro clip to your hat

Weed Wacker Tool

Line feeder attachment for weed wacker

Electro-Mechanical Design

Power Distribution Unit


Consumer Products

Developing market ready products that range from a wide array of applications.


From Astronomy to Underwater Submersible vehicles.


Creating custom products for complex aeronautical applications.


Helping Inventors achieve their goals by creating functional and manufacturable designs.


Developing ideas from theory to proof of concept to generating functional prototypes.


Supporting large industrial and construction applications, contractors and architects are able to build better products.


Integrating R&D processes to develop new products that aide in medical advancements.


Creating products for use in OEM and aftermarket industries.


Supporting DoD programs to create technologically advanced products for commercial and military applications.


Positive Feedback


Parts Designed


Parts Manufactured


Layers 3D Printed

TESTIMONIALS – What others are saying

“3D Innovations has been fantastic. They have basically taken what was a concept in our head to an actual product ready to sell. They really went above and beyond our expectations of improving the design. They recommended little tweaks to our product to make sure its function was at its maximum efficiency. The time and quality of 3D Innovations surpassed our expectations. Their speed and quality is unlike any other we’ve seen before. We would definitely use 3D Innovations again! The amazing part is that the computer drawing is EXACTLY what the prototype turned out to look like. So we are able to save money and time knowing that what we see on the computer is what we will get manufactured. This helped us adjust the product accordingly without having to make multiple prototypes to get exactly what we wanted. This process and technology probably saved us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.”

Pacific Ocean DreamsKoa & Sara Ibarra, Owners

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