Transform 3D Digital Designs Into Functional Parts

Develop conceptual designs into 3D digital designs which that can be built to conduct functional testing, use for marketing presentations. With additive manufacturing, we can then create multiple quantities for short manufacturing runs.

Build Prototype and Production Grade Parts Fast

Functional + Accurate + Durable

Build parts using 3D Printing to eliminate the need for expensive tooling and test for form, fit, and function.

Multiple Colors Available or Have a Custom Finish Applied

Standard colors are available to use as is.

If you need custom colors, textures, or finishes, contact us to learn more about specific finishing process.

TESTIMONIALS – What others are saying

Great Service

“We engaged Collin at 3D Innovations to manufacture vintage 60-year-old jalousie window cranks that are no longer made. He took our original broken crank and created a 3D file; then, we paid for a test crank made of less expensive material to ensure a good fit. This fine-tuning helped with the final window cranks before heavy-duty material was used. Collin made a complicated process more accessible, and we would use him again. He went above what was expected, and we appreciated his time!”

Pumehana N.

Exactly as I envisioned it

“I came to Collin Kobayashi at 3D Innovations several years ago with a product invention that I wanted to take to market. I didn’t push through on that idea, however, I recently returned with another project.  After submitting some rough sketches and a picture of my cardboard “prototype”, Collin rendered my invention EXACTLY as I envisioned it. An idea that was hatched (in my mind) eight years ago is now finally coming to life with Collin’s skill and expertise. I’m extremely happy with my experience and the deliverables produced by 3D Innovations!”

Noela Napoleon

Lifesaver for my prototype

“3D Innovations was a lifesaver for my prototype. This was my second time getting in contact with them and they were always prompt, professional, and delivered the service at hand. Definitely will be back in the future.”

Joe Hamilton
J&K Technology



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