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Explore the applications of Science and how it can enhance and integrate with STEM learning


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Use 3D digital design to refine and develop projects into designs


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Understand how products are designed and developed


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Incorporate various math concepts and applications into the Engineering process for a better understanding and application


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math programs


[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="tablet" title="Consumer Products" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] Learn Industry standard 3D CAD and 3D Modeling programs. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="random" title="Robotics" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] From Robotics to Underwater Submersible vehicles, learn how 3D technology can benefit the design of your robot. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="download" title="3D Printing" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] Get your designs 3D Printed. Need your own 3D Printer? Contact us for more information on 3D Printers and equipment. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="lightbulb-o" title="IET" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] Industrial, Engineering, & Technology for up to date industry technology, curricula, and training. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="info-circle" title="Project Based Learning" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="" iconpos="left"] Developing ideas from theory to proof of concept and real life applications. Provide hands on learning opportunities that demonstrate applicability. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="child" title="K-12 Programs" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="" iconpos="left"] Integrate STEM learning at various grade levels. Programs are customized to fit a range of grade levels, learning styles, and classroom environments. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="gears" title="Engineering Academies" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] Integrating R&D processes with student directed activities for more rigorous learning. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="plane" title="Drones" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="Learn More" iconpos="left"] Design and build your own Drones.  Learn about soldering, mechanical/electrical connections, and avionics. [/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type="icon_top" icon="cubes" title="3D Printing Curriculum" link_url="/wp/Astra/features/" link_text="" iconpos="left"] Integrate 3D Printing into your curricula using any 3D Printing platform.  Start building designs that make learning exciting and engaging. [/vc_iconbox]

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What others are saying

[vc_testimonial author=”Isla Young” company=”Program Director, K-12 STEM Educator”] STEMWorks – The training has been a wonderful link between the tool in the classroom and how it is utilized in the real world. It is also very helpful that the 3D CAD trainer has worked in Industry & has many tips for success in the High Tech world. The instructor has been incredibly knowledgeable and excellent with the students. Having the ability to connect with the students, challenge them to grow and learn, and the willingness to follow up with the students is golden. We have experienced this stellar training and instructor excellence. 3D CAD has been one of the anchoring software programs offered in the STEMWorks program. We plan to continue our partnership with 3D Innovations and further develop our CAD and engineering offerings.


[vc_testimonial author=”Joan Okai” company=”7th Grade Science Teacher”] 3D CAD DNA Project – By creating a 3D CAD model of DNA structure, my students were able to better visualize how DNA duplicates.  They could visually see how each of the nitrogen bases could only exclusively attract its matching base leading to the exact duplication of chromosomes during cell division.


[vc_testimonial author=”Diane Tom-Ogata” company=”Engineering Academy – STEMWorks”]Engineering Programs – The 3D CAD Training Program which 3D Academy offers has provided Farrington High School’s Engineering Academy and Project EAST students the ability to think outside the box, to integrate their passions and further open their world to the possibilities of careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).”


[vc_testimonial author=”Kekoa Nakamura” company=”Engineering student”]Robotics Program – 3D CAD was an essential tool in designing and building our UROV; it allowed the team to see our ideas and other plans before constructing it, which saved us a lot of time and materials.


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