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3D Printing allows you to quickly produce prototypes for testing, evaluation, and marketing. Test form, fit, and function of your product without having to build expensive molds or tooling.

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3D Printing or commonly known as Additive Manufacturing is an advanced process that build parts utilizing a wide array of materials that range from plastic to metal and even food. It is a revolutionary way to manufacture items and is drastically changing the manufacturing industry.

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing or commonly known as Additive Manufacturing is a process that builds parts using material that applies successive layers until the entire part is built.

Subtractive Manufacturing

Conventional manufacturing process such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to remove volume from a block of material.  This process is used for both prototype, low volume and high volume production parts and can produce parts with high precision and tolerance.

Subtractive Manufacturing is somewhat limited by not being able to produce parts with undercuts areas or features with extreme curvatures.

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing makes is possible to produce your design as is.  With the use of support materials and advanced layering methods, these parts can be produced with undercuts and curvatures.  In addition to the benefit of being able to produce whatever is designed, the 3D Printing process in some or most cases is more economical than CNC machining.  With a 3D Printer in house, prototyping time can be reduced from days to hours, producing parts quicker and more cost effectively.

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