Menehune Hat Clip

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Developed for a team of young entrepreneurs, this GoPro accessory can replace over a dozen mounts for your GoPro, iPhone, audio recorder & lights with a simple to use, compact and hands-free mount.

The concept was first developed for Startup Weekend Honolulu 2015 where the idea needed to be developed in only 54 hours.  The initial concept was to have a clip that could attach a Go Pro camera to the front of your hat for hands free video action shots. Using our 3D Design process, we were able to take the initial idea and develop a functional design.  Several factors needed to be accounted for throughout the design phase.  Since the team only had 54 hours to design and produce a prototype, 3D Printing was the perfect fit.  Several versions of the prototype were produced in a short period of time that allowed the team to test and conduct customer validation studies.

Using our design and 3D Printing process, we were able to not only save thousands of dollars in prototyping costs, but reduced development time from weeks to just days. The cost savings by using 3D Printing allowed the team to make several versions which were validated through the customer discovery process and led to the final production ready design.


Project Detail

  • Client: Menehunes
  • Date: December 1, 2015
  • Category: Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Product, Branding, 3D Printing
  • URL:



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