Manufacturing Custom Fishing Lures

Many fisherman have their favorite fishing lures and prefer to build their own so that they can customize colors, shapes, weight, and materials to their own preferences.

Trolling lures used to target pelagic and big game fish such as Yellow Fin Tuna (Ahi), Marlin, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo (Ono) are made by hand using a variety of techniques to obtain the desired color, weight, and shape of the lure.

A local fisherman and lure maker Atama Lures contacted 3D Innovations to start the process of building a custom lure.  The initial step of developing a 3D design started off with shapes and dimensions of the desired lure. Taking these specifications, a 3D model was made.  Using our design process, adjustments can be quickly made to alter the shape. Using the 3D model, a prototype was 3D printed to validate the design. After the design is approved, the final plug is 3D Printed and used to create the casting tool.

Developing Ideas From Concept To Product®

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Project Detail

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