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The founders of Pacific Ocean Dreams had a great concept, but needed to refine and prototype their design.  With our assistance, we were able to help them with the entire product development phase, providing design, prototyping, and manufacturing services.


Project Detail

  • Client: Pacific Ocean Dreams
  • Date: December 12, 2012
  • Category: Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Product, Branding, 3D Printing
  • URL: http://www.pacificoceandreams.com/






3D Innovations has been fantastic. They have basically taken what was a concept in our head to an actual product ready to sell. They really went above and beyond our expectations of improving the design. They recommended little tweaks to our product to make sure its function was at its maximum efficiency. The time and quality of 3D Innovations surpassed our expectations. Their speed and quality is unlike any other we’ve seen before. We would definitely use 3D Innovations again! The amazing part is that the computer drawing is EXACTLY what the prototype turned out to look like. So we are able to save money and time knowing that what we see on the computer is what we will get manufactured. This helped us adjust the product accordingly without having to make multiple prototypes to get exactly what we wanted. This process and technology probably saved us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Pacific Ocean Dreams, Koa & Sara Ibarra

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