Pupu CoolerTM


With a conceptual design already outlined, Sachi Kitchenware needed to go from a conceptual design to a fully functional and manufacturable design. In searching for companies to help him develop his idea, the challenge became finding someone with expertise not only in prototyping, but designing his concept for the Injection Molding process.

Using parametric design/engineering software, we were able to create their initial concept and make modifications relatively easy during design review processes.  Once a final design was approved, prototype parts were created using 3D Printing to quickly evaluate the design.  Compared to conventional fabrication/manufacturing methods, the cost of using the 3D Printing process was over 400% less and was done in 4-5 days compared to 3-4 weeks.  This lower cost solution allowed for slight design modifications without the cost of re-tooling or re-making the parts.

Project Detail

  • Client: Sachi Kitchenware
  • Date: November 30, 2012
  • Category: Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Product, Branding, 3D Printing

Using their 3D design process, I was able to view and verify my design before any prototypes were built, which saved me thousands of dollars in re-work or modifications. I was able to use the design files to generate photorealistic renderings that I used for advertising and marketing. Their experience and knowledge with molding and tooling helped improve my product and gave me a clear understanding on how it was going to be manufactured. 3D Innovations has been a great full service solutions provider in helping me take my product from concept to the manufacturing phase. I personally recommend using 3D Innovations to anyone developing a new invention.

Mark Nobori, Sachi Kitchenware

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