Developing Ideas From Concept To Product®

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Develop your concept and launch your idea into products


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Create a 3D digital design to refine and develop manufacturable designs


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Build a prototype to validate your design or use as a marketing tool


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Need parts? We have partners are resources for producing low and high volume production parts


Your Solution for Product Development

Product Design

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Developing market ready products that range from a wide array of applications.


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From Astronomy to Underwater Submersible vehicles.


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Creating custom products for complex aeronautical applications.


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Helping Inventors achieve their goals by creating functional and manufacturable designs.


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Developing ideas from theory to proof of concept to generating functional prototypes.


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Supporting large industrial and construction applications, contractors are able to build better products.


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Integrating R&D processes to develop new products that aide in medical advancements.


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Creating products for use in OEM and aftermarket industries.


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Supporting DoD programs to create technologically advanced products for commercial and military applications.


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What others are saying

[vc_testimonial author=”Kalani Makainai”]With a simple concept, a customer approached 3D Innovations to assist with developing their idea from a concept into a product. We were tasked with taking a sketch, drawing, and handmade prototype and develop it into a manufacturable design that could be used as part of an IP package. Once the design was completed, a functional prototype was developed using the 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing process. Once the prototype was finalized, the idea begun to come to life. The design and prototype were used to develop the patent application.

Working with a group of IP attorneys, the idea was patented and used to license to a larger manufacturer/distributor. Ideas aren’t always developed into manufactured products, but also used as licensing strategies to take advantage of larger sales and distribution channels that big companies already have in place. Licensing is not always about the technical design, but a strategy that is focused on creating value for the licensor to add to their existing product portfolios.

[vc_testimonial author=”Pacific Ocean Dreams” company=”Koa & Sara Ibarra, Owners”]3D Innovations has been fantastic. They have basically taken what was a concept in our head to an actual product ready to sell. They really went above and beyond our expectations of improving the design. They recommended little tweaks to our product to make sure its function was at its maximum efficiency. The time and quality of 3D Innovations surpassed our expectations. Their speed and quality is unlike any other we’ve seen before. We would definitely use 3D Innovations again! The amazing part is that the computer drawing is EXACTLY what the prototype turned out to look like. So we are able to save money and time knowing that what we see on the computer is what we will get manufactured. This helped us adjust the product accordingly without having to make multiple prototypes to get exactly what we wanted. This process and technology probably saved us hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.


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