With our expertise in 3D Design, Product Development, and CAD technologies, we transform your idea into a detailed and accurate design.


Our 3D Prototyping services validate your design and aid in the marketing process. Communicate the look and feel of your product, and test for form, fit, and functionality.


Push the limits of innovation while reducing costs. We’ve reshaped the manufacturing process with additive technologies to streamline and accelerate your time to market.


Finalize your product launch and entry into your niche or mass market with packaging and distribution processes.

Core Services

With a focus on product markets, our designers can optimize your product designs and functionality to exceed customer expectations.  Designs conform to industry standards and follow Design For Manufacturing (DFM) and Design For Assembly (DFA) methodologies.

3D Innovations has been changing the way product development and manufacturing professionals source parts. We’ll generate a custom quote for you, anywhere in the world. From on-demand parts and customized products to full scale manufacturing runs, give us a try!

Every great idea needs to be protected. Intellectual property rights being territorial, the first step in protecting your business from IP theft is to protect your IP in the U.S and in those countries where you do business. Use our resources to file for Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights.

We deliver value and focus on the complete development process. 3D Innovations designs advanced products with greater functionality and utilize efficient methods to streamline your design project.

Get your concept off quickly by using prototypes. Built from similar materials as the finished product, use as an aid in understanding your product’s aesthetic and visual appeal.

Need to license or sell your intellectual property? Take advantage of our expertise and confidentiality in this area in order to get a fully protected IP into the marketplace.

Using 3D Visualization and Design tools, you will have the capability to understand all aspects of your design before building physical prototypes. Designs can also be transformed into Photo Realistic renderings for further visualization needs to give your design the appearance of a production grade part.

Need Pre-Production grade parts? Projects that require unique finishes can be done with special coatings, custom painting, graphics, and Hydro Dipping applications. Post process finishing can give your prototype the finished look required for use in presentations, trade shows, and marketing/sales activities.

Avoid Manufacturing errors and expensive re-tooling. Utilizing domestic and foreign partners, we are able to provide low and high volume manufacturing sourcing solutions that specialize in Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Rotational Molding manufacturing methods.

Product Development Process


Develop idea into conceptual design and create requirements.

Conceptual Design

Develop concept into functional design. Create 3D Digital Design to virtually validate and test design.

Digital Design & Engineering

Create a 3D Digital Design to evaluate the form, fit, and functionality of the engineered design before any physical prototypes are built. Use the design to verify tolerances, loads, stresses, and optimize manufacturability.

IP Protection

Create content for non provisional or provisional patent applications.

Prototype Development

Create a prototype using 3D Printing or other manufacturing methods to validate design and create physical models for marketing and functional testing.

Market & Beta Testing

Using your functional prototype, begin testing with users to obtain feedback, generate pre-sales, and begin marketing.

Production Manufacturing + Packaging

Assistance in developing a manufacturing plan. Using low volume or high volume manufacturing methods, get your product produced and commercialized.Create assembly and packaging processes for a finished product.

Product Launch

Develop distribution channels and launch product!

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