Paper Pulp Protective Packaging

Paper Pulp Protective Packaging Project Detail Client: White Label product Date: October 18, 2019 Category: Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Product, Branding Paper Pulp is made from recycled paper and/or cardboard and…
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dental product design

Dental Toys For Kids

SmileyRidesTM                 Having basic sketches in hand, SmileyRides had a vision for what they wanted the product to become.  Taking these initial sketches…
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3D Printing

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[vc_simple_slider ids=”4062, 3523, 4065″ type=”1″]   Business solutions 3D Printing allows you to quickly produce prototypes for testing, evaluation, and marketing. Test form, fit, and function of your product without…
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mold design, injection mold

Mold Design

Mold Design Developing a custom mold for a paper pulp molding product. Prototype mold design developed to optimize cost and run time. Product was 3D Printed to test the form, fit,…
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Consumer Products

Pupu CoolerTM With a conceptual design already outlined, Sachi Kitchenware needed to go from a conceptual design to a fully functional and manufacturable design. In searching for companies to help him…
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