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3D design and 3D models are critical for efficient manufacturing.

The Importance of 3D Design for (Efficient) Manufacturing

3D design and 3D models are critical for efficient manufacturing.When you are ready to take your prototype and turn it into a real-world product, be sure that your 3D design files are also ready to go. A CAD file is either a digital 2D or 3D model of your product. When you start reaching out to manufacturers, most of the time they will ask to see your 3D design before moving forward with a manufacturing consultation and quote. “Without some idea of size, number of cavities, complexity, shape, and design, a manufacturer cannot accurately advise on the manufacturability of your product or help you choose the right materials and color.” (Extreme Molding)

3D Design Saves Time

Making sure that the manufacturer has the most detailed information possible about your product helps ensure that you are receiving an accurate quote and that there are fewer potential manufacturing issues down the road.

“Not only does a CAD file help save time when figuring out all the finer details of a part by looking at the 3D model, but it also allows a model to be magnified and even rotate on any axis to get a full three-dimensional concept of the part, which allows the manufacturer a greater sense of the product. It can even reveal internal features of a part if it cannot be seen clearly on a manufacturing drawing. Aside from these benefits, using CAD makes it possible to simulate the movement of a part through production processes.” (Vista Industrial)

3D Design Reduces Material Waste

“CAD files enables the manufacturer to check tool paths before any material is cut. The ability to run a simulation and so verify the complete machining process in a virtual environment is critical for keeping waste and scrap to a minimum. This may be crucial on some jobs, such as those using expensive alloys, large material-intensive components, or for those with complex geometry. Other verification advantages that result from less scrap include less energy consumption and reduced tool wear.

CAD simulations also enable you and the manufacturer to identify how long the production run time will take. Clearly this is useful for scheduling, as well as the planning of throughput, material supply and delivery. As the 3D model is the source of the manufacturing data, the design intent is preserved, and the dimensional accuracy is retained.” (Advice Manufacturing)

3D Design Allows for Ongoing Communication

If your product design needs to be adjusted to meet design or manufacturing needs, this can easily be accomplished within a digital CAD file. Since the CAD files are transferred electronically, you are assured that both you, your product design team and the manufacturer all have the same information moving forward.

“CAD systems also facilitate communication among those involved in design, manufacturing, and other processes. This is of particular importance when one firm contracts another to either design or produce a component.” (Inc.)

In today’s manufacturing environment, CAD files are a necessity. A 3D design allows you to evaluate the form, fit, and functionality of your product. The design will also verify tolerance, loads, stresses and optimize manufacturability. If you plan on filing for IP rights or patent protection, a CAD file will help clearly communicate the design to your attorney and those reviewing your patent application.

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3D Design: Conceptual Design Benefits Startups

March 28, 2016
3D Innovations

The technological advancements of 3D design software, coupled with its increased accessibility, has made conceptual design appealing for startups. More startups are embracing 3D rendering as a way to conceptualize prototypes before investing in physical production.

Product Design and Development | 3D PrototypingWhat Is 3D Rendering?

3D rendering allows startups to model a product with minimal upfront costs, and share the visual concepts with other team members and potential investors early in the design process. The advancements in rendering software makes it possible to simulate product shading, light refraction, surface texture and much more. Design changes and model updates can be easily incorporated with minimal costs.

Benefits Of 3D Rendering For Startups
  1. Evaluate a product idea before investing in parts or suppliers. Complex product ideas can lead to more costly prototypes, however with 3D rendering, you can quickly conceptualize a product idea before investing capital. Visualizing the product idea in this way lets you validate the idea and share it with your team and potential investors.
  2. Eliminate the prototyping guesswork. Starting the prototyping process with a clear plan saves both time and money. Computer rendering is the stage for radical design experimentationchange forms, judge materials and test finishesthat way when you start to develop your prototype you have honed in on a firm design plan. This not only shrinks the product development timelineit allows you to develop better products.
  3. Test out the consumer market. Market testing is critical because you want to develop and produce a product that will meet the needs of your consumers. If you are not actively engage potential consumers and asking for their feedback you are doing yourself and your startup a major disservice. Gauge business potential and market interest with your rendering before moving forward with a physical model.

Launching a product can be costlyhowever, starting with a conceptual design is easy on your wallet and gives you the confidence to move forward in the design process.

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3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

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Product of the Week: Ingocraft

November 14, 2014
3D Innovations

Just in time for the holiday season! Ingocraft is modernizing the world of traditional construction sets for children by incorporating 3D modeling and allowing families to 3D print customized pieces for the kit. As an engineering firm we understand the importance of engaging children at a young age by making learning fun and interactive. This kit not only makes learning fun but, it challenges children to learn new skills and use their imagination to create truly customized construction pieces for their personal kit.

“Ingocraft is a holistic approach to modern design/build, but for kids! Modern tech meets nuts and bolts, a combination to inspire and educate young people to be makers, inventors, creators, and future 3D printers.”

This kit would be great for family use or in the classroom. The introduction to 3D design and 3D printing are invaluable skills and the hands on approach is sure to excite and engage children.

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