Product of the Week: Ingocraft

Just in time for the holiday season! Ingocraft is modernizing the world of traditional construction sets for children by incorporating 3D modeling and allowing families to 3D print customized pieces for the kit. As an engineering firm we understand the importance of engaging children at a young age by making learning fun and interactive. This kit not only makes learning fun but, it challenges children to learn new skills and use their imagination to create truly customized construction pieces for their personal kit.

“Ingocraft is a holistic approach to modern design/build, but for kids! Modern tech meets nuts and bolts, a combination to inspire and educate young people to be makers, inventors, creators, and future 3D printers.”

This kit would be great for family use or in the classroom. The introduction to 3D design and 3D printing are invaluable skills and the hands on approach is sure to excite and engage children.

Learn more about Ingocraft on Kickstarter!


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June 2024

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