2015 Hawaii STEM Conference: CAD Competition

stemconfThe 6th Annual Hawaii STEM Conference concluded this past weekend and we had the honor of being part of it once again. This year 3D Innovations held a CAD competition that was focused on having teams develop a design solution based on an existing problem presented to them. The challenge was to design a custom bike light that will easily mount to the handle bars on a child size bike. The students utilized Solidworks to produce their digital designs. The challenging part for the teams involved taking the requirements they were given and simultaneously addressing all of the design specifications.

Once the students had completed the task, they then presented their design outcome, photo renderings, anticipated material costs and packaging designs/options to a panel of expert judges. Maui High School presented an outstanding design solution and came in first place! This team was cohesive and had great communication which helped them take the lead. It was great to see that all of the student participants in the competition showed determination and strong problem solving skills.

We would be remiss without mentioning the keynote speaker at the conference, Titan Gilroy of Titan America Manufacturing. Titan grew up in Hawaii and fought an uphill battle for a good portion of his life and has come out on top. He is the proud owner of a CNC machining company and a major proponent of american manufacturing. His story really resonated with the audience and his charisma was inspiring. You can learn more about his company on the official Titan America MFG website and more about Titan himself on the Alliance for American Manufacturing website.

Please visit our Facebook page to view the photos we snapped at the conference in our 2015 Hawaii STEM Conference album.


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