3D Academy: Drone Technology Takes Flight

Drones have been a staple of maker communities for years, however as their popularity grows they are quickly becoming a widespread tool used in both the workplace and schools as well. In an education setting, drones are being used as a hands-on tool to teach STEM subjects; while in the workplace, drones are used as a tool to gather and analyze data. As drones gain in popularity the industry around drone technology is taking shape. For example, last weekend the World Drone Racing Championship took place here in Hawaii and it was the first international drone event held, with over thirty countries represented.

Drone__250mmWhat industries are using drones?

While numerous industries are experimenting with drone technology, the three main industries using drones on a daily basis are: construction, agriculture and real estate. These industries use drones to inspect, survey and photograph. The data collected by drones is allowing businesses to better manage their operations. “From inspecting pipelines and surveying bridges to filming movies and providing farmers with aerial views of their crops, the applications of UAS are virtually limitless and offer a superior way to see what needs to be seen, in less time and at less expense,” said, Brian Wynne, president and CEO of Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI).

How are drones used in a school setting?

In an education setting, drone technology is being used to teach a range of subjects while giving students the chance to get hands-on with the technology. Drones are certainly used to teach a variety of engineering principles, however the technology is also used to teach programming, physics (aerodynamics and push/pull lift of rotor), theoretical math concepts and engaging students in discussions about the ethics and the future of drone technology.

How can I learn more about drones?

Our 3D Academy is now offering a ‘Drone Design & Building Workshop’. In our workshop you will learn about the various design aspects of creating your own drone.

Utilizing 3D Design software, create a digital design of the frame and assembly of components. Once designed, the frame can be 3D printed for evaluation and test flights. Each Drone kit comes with all the basic components required to build and fly a drone. Workshop is open to students, teachers, and anyone who wants to learn about designing and building drones.

Interested in learning more about our Drone Workshop? Please contact us at info@3d-innovations.com or by phone at 808.722.8667.


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