3D Innovations & 3D Academy STEM Internship

3D Innovations & 3D Academy are proud to announce that our summer intern has officially started!

About Our Intern: She is a Junior from Maui High School. She is a very goal oriented young lady and through this internship she has set two main goals for the summer:

  1. She wants to become more familiar with CAD and its related processes;
  2. She would also like to learn more about the engineering/design process to better their teams efforts in the Vex and FIRST Robotics programs.

Through this internship she plans on developing better problem solving methods and efficient design change methods. With high school graduation just a year away she is already planning for a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Our Internship: She will be working with 3D Innovations & 3D Academy to learn about the engineering/design process and assisting with various design projects. She will be involved with all aspects of design and how it is integrated with CAM, CAE, CFD, Rapid Prototyping, and Additive Manufacturing. The internship is from June 11th -July 13th.

We are very excited to have her as a part of our team! We hope that with the skills she learns this summer she will become a strong leader for the Vex and  FIRST Robotics programs and one step closer to achieving her career goal!


**Please share any internship, school or career advice you have with us for her. If you are a Mechanical Engineer we would love to hear from you! Do you have advice about college programs, college internships, courses? We will share the advice you post with her!**


June 2024

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