3D Innovations Assists With Design Of Shark Deterrent Device

The challenge: Finding an effective way to design and prototype the enclosure for a Shark Deterrent device. From here 3D Innovations needed to develop a functional design for the enclosure that can be massed produced for manufacturing and market readiness.

Our Solution: We utilized 3D Technologies to create digital designs and functional prototypes for testing and verification of the enclosure.  Final designs were used to produce tooling needed for mass production manufacturing of the final enclosure design.

3D Innovations has helped one of their customers develop an enclosure for a Shark Deterrent system, a small device that repels sharks from your area while in the ocean.

The enclosure needed to be designed to be mass produced using Injection Molding Manufacturing.  Design challenges included miniaturizing the design to keep a small and compact form factor while ensuring the design could be molded.  Another challenge was to add style to the overall design and appeal of the product.  The product needed to blend in with the ocean environment and have an attractive appeal to the consumer.  Using a finishing process, the product mimics a carbon fiber coating as well as blue or brown camouflage patterns.


  • Reduced prototyping costs by as much as 350%
  • Shortened time to market by 60%
  • Produced a manufacturable product at a low cost

Throughout the design process, 3D Innovations helped to go From Concept to Prototype to Product.


June 2024

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