3D Innovations is Involved with the Design Thinking Group on a Redesign Project

Last week, 3D Innovations began the start of a 6-8 month project to help the Castle Complex in their redesign efforts.

The Castle Complex has failed to meet National and State academic standards for the past 8 years, and has until June 2012 to complete a redesign plan that is accepted by the Department of Education to turn around their outcomes.  If they fail to do so, an out of state management team will take over the complex and come up with their own redesign plan.

The Design Thinking team seeks to improve the students’ levels of engagement, achievement, and reduce dropout rates.  The “DT” team is working closely with the Castle Complex Area Superintendent Lea Albert to launch the ‘Castle Complex Redesign Initiative’.

Link to the Hawaii Reporter News Article: http://www.hawaiireporter.com/department-of-education-launches-its-first-ever-redesign-initiative-in-hawaii/123


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