3D Printing Captures the Imagination

Design_News_LOGOAdditive manufacturing (a/k/a 3D printing) has captured the attention of not only tech enthusiasts but almost every single industry out there. This technology is quickly expanding and moving beyond its initial prototyping function. “Although analyst predictions differ, all are in agreement that the 3D printing industry is growing and likely will continue to grow at a notable pace. Wohlers Report 2014, for example, puts the worldwide 3D printing industry at $3.07 billion in 2013 and anticipates that figure will reach $12.8 billion by 2018 and over $21 billion by 2020.” These are astonishing figures considering that just 10 years ago this technology was no where near this popular.

Another interesting way to analyze the 3D printing market is by looking at how wildly popular the technology is on crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter. Design News posted an article today, Top 10 3D Printing Projects, in which you garner a clear understanding of where the technology is and where it is going through Kickstarter statistics. “Without fail, the most popular of these projects are funded at seven or 10 times the amount the originator hoped to raise. Most received funding within a thirty day funding window and some were funded in minutes.” 3D printing is one of those technologies that piques your curiosity and captures your imagination.

Read the full Design News article and view the slideshow here.


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