3D Printing + Creativity = Innovation

3D printing has been around for many years, but it has recently gained momentum with the public. Yes 3D printing is a great additive to the product development process for companies, but lets not forget that there is an immensely creative side to this technology. When you mix a dash of creativity with a 3D printer you are bound to produce a very innovative product!

“In addition to that so-called serious product development and engineering work, there’s a significant number of less serious, but equally important, efforts underway. These are pushing the limits of 3D printing toward more consumer-friendly — even quirky, some might say — applications. We’re talking 3D-printed chocolate, 3D-printed fabric and clothes, and even 3D-printed body parts.” – Design News

Want to see some creative products that have been produced? Check out this (great) slideshow from Design News:

Slideshow: The Fun Side of 3D Printing

The PuPu Cooler: Creative & Innovative


Share some of your creative 3D printed projects here with us!