3D Printing & Injection Molding Are Compatible

Design_News_LOGOMany times it seems as though 3D printing and Injection Molding are at odds with one another, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a need for both types of technology in manufacturing, as was demonstrated at NPE 2015 recently.

Design News recently posted a synopsis of the event as it pertained to 3D printing, 3D Printing Partners With Injection Molding At NPE 2015. “3D printing (3DP) had its own area in the form of the first ever NPE3D pavilion of exhibits and demonstrations, as well as an NPE3D conference track with six presentations.” The event did a great job of highlighting these two technologies and their inherent compatibility. “A theme that was reflected in several ways was the use of 3D printing to assist in, or improve on, injection molding, as well as improvements in 3D printing materials and processes that are making better functional prototypes and end-use parts.”

If you were able to attend the event please let us know what you thought of the NPE3D exhibits pavilion and presentations with a comment below.

We invite you to read the entire Design News article and view the slideshow from the event.


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