3D Printing is More Than Manufacturing—It’s Fun!

3d printing technology is fun3D printing is a technology that has been in the news lately due to its ability to rapidly develop parts to help our medical communities. This technology is excellent at getting parts to people at incredible speeds, however there is more to it—this technology is actually fun at every age. Whether you are a student looking to make an interesting geometric piece to test math concepts, an adult wanting to design a one-of-a-kind gift or a business looking to enhance your offering, 3D printing gets the job done.

Below we are sharing three examples of the playful side of the technology.

Food Molds

Origami cakes, personalized cocktails and specialized chocolate bar designs are just an example of what silicone food molds can do. Whether you are a professional pastry chef wanting to showcase your skillset, a business looking to make a splash or an at home cook wanting to make a bold impression, 3D printing food molds do just that.

When you design personalized food molds you are guaranteed a final product like no other. Look no further than to Architect and Pastry Chef, Dinara Kasko, for creative inspiration on how silicone food molds can transform your food and push the boundaries of innovation.


Puzzles, games, race cars, marble mazes, drones, ornaments, instruments and action figures are just a few ways you can using 3D printing to create customized toys. Legos are a great first step because they are easily customized and work well with 3D printing technology—designing and printing a custom block shape brings out the kid in all of us.

Each summer we hold a “3D Printing & CAD Design with Legos” camp for students to teach students the fundamentals of spatial environments and STEM design principles. These camps use Legos to teach basic design principles that can then be translated into the design of other toys and household objects.

Home Décor

Spruce up your home with endless 3D printed décor possibilities. Designers have used this technology to make furniture, vases, faucets, fountains, clocks, pen holders, cell phone stands, pots, lamps and much more for years now. However, with the accessibility of 3D printing you no longer have to be a professional designer to create these unique pieces.

Whether you are looking to make a one-off piece or start a home décor line of your own, 3D printing can make it happen.

We would be happy to work with you on a fun 3D printing project—send us an email today so that we can chat further about your idea, info@3d-innovations.com


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