Design for Manufacturability

Design engineers are critical during the product development cycle for concept, planning, detailed design and prototyping, and are also increasing responsible for manufacturing methods analysis and production planning. These last two responsibilities are rapidly increasing because there is more pressure on businesses to offer a quick turnaround and speedy market delivery. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology is one way design engineers have been able to keep up with the demands.

SONY DSC“Although additive-based rapid prototyping technologies are ever more established, from producing concept models to detailed engineering prototypes, engineers must not lose sight of how to go from prototyping and the final design stage to manufacturing production in the most efficient and effective way.” This is where design for manufacturability and assembly plays a critical role. When determining how to design and assemble in the most efficient manner possible organizations also have evaluate whether to use internal business resources or develop an external partnership.

No matter whether an organization looks internally or externally, the goal to get prototypes and production ready-parts into engineers hands in a matter of days instead of weeks remains the same. “There is now a plethora of 3D printing methods at companies’ disposal, from stereolithography to inkjet printing to direct metal laser sintering, just to name three. But quick-turn production is method-agnostic at its heart, where companies and their product development partners should keep all 3D printing options open and make their choices based on a balance of prioritized needs. These include lead time, cost, surface finish, detail and resolution, strength and material properties, and functional behavior for form and fit checks and engineering evaluation.”

Read more about design for manufacturability on the Design News website, How Do You Make Quick-Turn Design & Production a Reality?


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