Entrepreneurship Needs STEM Education

STEM education benefits entrepreneurship.There has been a lot of talk recently about STEM education—both at the industry level and the government level. Companies are now working with schools to provide technology collaboration to help prepare students for 21st century jobs. While the focus is on educating students around the four subjects—science, technology, engineering and math—the true value of these subject areas goes far beyond an engineering career or science major. STEM education provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurship.

“It’s clear that curiosity, creativity and innovation lead to a deeper exploration of entrepreneurship.” (Entrepreneur)

Critical Thinking—Ask Why

Testing a hypothesis is a major part of STEM education. A reoccurring question at every stage of a science experiment or design challenge is, “Why?”

  • Why did this reaction happen?
  • Why was our original hypothesis incorrect?
  • Why is this design performing poorly during a stress test?

Answering the simple “why” question gets students thinking about possibilities. It is amazing how one word can take a student beyond a traditional way of thinking and get them exploring alternatives.

Entrepreneurs face this same question everyday as well and are required to think out-of-the-box. Critical thinking skills are key—and one might even say, mandatory—when it comes to starting a business.

Design a Solution

Whether you are an entrepreneur designing the latest tech gadget or a new restaurant concept—innovative solutions drive your business. Problem solving skills are the very foundation of STEM education and teaching this valuable life skill translates both to college and beyond—no matter the career field entered. Having the ability to stop, assess, analyze, hypothesize and solve a problem is a skill every individual needs at every age level.

Share your Invention

When we have the correct answer to a problem, we want to share it. It doesn’t matter if we are the first to figure out a challenging math equation or the first to design the iPod, we have an answer to a problem and want to share it.

A quick glance inside of a STEM focused classroom will show a range of design possibilities to the same question posed by the teacher. Students love to think critically and use their creativity—much like entrepreneurs. Getting hands-on and designing a solution is what entrepreneurs do best.

STEM education is more than four subjects, it’s a mindset. The skills taught in STEM classes can be used in any career field—especially, entrepreneurship.

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