When It Comes to Product Development Partners — Experience Matters

Experienced product development partnerWhen it comes to developing, protecting, and launching a product—experience matters. The problem is that often inventors have brilliant product ideas but lack technical expertise to bring the idea to life. This is where product development partners step in to help guide the process.

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”  –Guy Kawasaki, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

An experienced product development firm brings a range of knowledge, guidance, and technical skillset to the table to help develop a product as quickly and efficiently as possible for a successful launch. While product development firms assist inventors, they are resources for businesses of all sizes, research facilities and government as well.

Developing Ideas from Concept to Product®

Since 2007, our 3D Innovations team has supported the launch of over 150 products into the marketplace. With many years of industry experience, we utilize this knowledge to develop projects for clients that exceed their expectations and drive their product to market faster. Keeping up with industry practices allows for a seamless workflow and better efficiency of the development process.

3D innovations is more than a design firm, it’s your product development partner. View our Case Studies.

Assisting with Intellectual Property

Our team has helped clients obtain over 120 issued patents along with assisting other related intellectual property needs. Obtaining patents for your product is a critical step and helps protect your idea from dangerous counterfeits and copycats. Whether you are working on a design patent or utility patent, we understand the intellectual property requirements to help you obtain this valuable IP.

Delivering Technical Guidance

Our team has delivered a range of solutions to over 600 customers and counting. Both commercial and government entities have sought our assistance for technical guidance. Our 3D Innovations team stays up to date on industry practices, technology advancements and utilizes this knowledge for each project.

Experienced product development partners

Additional information related to product development partners:

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Developing Ideas From Concept To Product® 3D Innovations is a Product Development Company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

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