From Design to Manufacturing: The SquareWRAP

One of our customers, The SquareWRAP, just launched their project on KickStarter. 3D Innovations provided design and manufacturing support to turn this idea into a tangible reality.

The project was based around the easy to use Square Credit Card reader and their free application that allows just about anyone to start accepting credit cards.

-Click here for a short video about Square

The only downfall with this device is that the small compact size of the Square Credit Card reader makes it prone to becoming misplaced, lost or damaged. This is where 3D Innovations came in to help develop a solution for this vulnerable device.

The SquareWRAP invented an intuitive, simple and easy to use carrying case solution for the Square Credit Card reader that allows you to safely and securely carry it with you at all times on your key ring, attached to your bag, a belt loop, on a neck lanyard or any number of carry configurations and 3D helped design and manufacture the end product.

AND, it also protects the Square Credit Card reader from being damaged by the day-to-day exposure to the contaminants and environmental elements you may encounter on a daily basis.

Video: See the project on Kickstarter

For more information on this product or the design and manufacturing process, please email:


May 2024

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