Gartner’s Hype Cycle For 3D Printing Predicts Continued Prototyping Acceleration

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for 3D Printing provides a keen insight into the current state of additive manufacturing and what the future may look like for the technology. According to the research collected and analyzed by Gartner, 3D printing for prototyping will continue to accelerate through all industries over the next two years. It is also predicting that the next major adoption of the technology will be in enterprise and medical applications over the next two to five years (we are already seeing the technology ramp up in both sectors).


From Gartner’s report:

3D printing and its uses continue to evolve rapidly in response to hype, greater visibility and, more importantly, demand. Naturally, some technologies are maturing faster than others and will be widely available in just a few years. In fact, some are already in general use. An example is 3D printing for prototyping, which has been the mainstay of the 3D printing industry since its inception.

“3D prototyping enables organizations to reduce or mitigate the risks associated with the design, form and functionality of products in research and development programs. It may also be used to support new manufacturing processes, and can reduce new product development schedules,” said Mr. Basiliere.


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September 2023

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