Go Green: How to Make Your Business Environmentally Friendly

How to make your business environmentally friendly and sustainable.In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, we are detailing ways you can go green in your business—from product design to shipping. Whether you are a startup or an established business, there are ways you can make your business environmentally friendly.

1 in 3 consumers favor eco-friendly options and 35% of respondents would purchase a product that is better for the environment over other products that may be slightly cheaper. (According to Survey Monkey)

Deliver an Environmentally Friendly Product

If you are in the early stages of thinking about products and where you can make a difference in the marketplace, look towards an eco-friendly product or a more sustainable alternative to a product already on store shelves. There has been an incredible shift in consumer mindsets and, the data shows that many are willing to pay more for products that are less damaging to the environment and are made using sustainable practices.

What we have found is that some of the most innovative products are those that offer a simple solution to an everyday problem. Now if you can solve that problem with an environmentally friendly alternative, we say, go for it.

Design Using 3D CAD

Utilizing 3D CAD and product simulation technology early-on in the product development process will let you get a good idea of your product before it is ever manufactured. In the past, products had to be designed and small batches manufactured before testing could take place. This meant that there was a lot of extra material wasted with every iteration (it was also costly). Today, product development looks different, and the technology utilized lets you cut down on waste while also increasing efficiency.

Utilize Sustainable Materials

This option is not going to be available to every business due to certification requirements but as more sustainable and recyclable materials are developed, see where they make sense for your business. Whether your product is made from a paper pulp or you can substitute certain components, as technology advances, so do material selections available.

3D printing is one technology that has seen a rise in material selection and there is an industry push for recyclable filament. If 3D printing is a technology you use for prototyping or small batch manufacturing, there are sustainable materials available and the selection is forecasted to grow.

Develop Packaging Using Recycled Materials

Today’s consumers are looking at cutting down on plastic waste while protecting natural resources. Plastic packaging is convenient and cost effective for businesses but, in the eyes of the consumer, it is not ideal. “With more companies taking up the mantle of environment protection, coupled with savvy consumers who now expect a higher level of eco-responsibility, sustainability has already become a strong focus for the packaging industry. Current trends include waste reduction, efficient use of box space, lower carbon footprint, and recycling.” (PakFactory)

Compostable packaging and easily recycled packaging are gaining momentum and showing promising results for both the environment, brands, and consumers.

Manufacture Close to Home

Supply chains are getting revamped in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and current global shipping challenges. This is a good time to look at manufacturers closer to home to see if this is an option for your startup or business. Cutting down on pollution during manufacturing and shipping are two big ways to help the environment. The shorter the distance your product must travel, the smaller your environmental footprint.

When looking at manufacturing partners, see what environmentally friendly practices they have in place as well. A truly sustainable supply chain takes cooperation from all partners.

Skip the pinches this St. Patrick’s Day and go green all year long.

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