Hardware Startups: A New Year, A New Adventure

4startJanuary is seen as a time to start anew; set new goals, conquer fears and take on new adventures—such as venturing out and starting your own business. Starting a business—whether a physical business, a software company or a hardware startup, is an endeavor that is as exciting as it is terrifying. Below are a few points to help keep you motivated as you get your new business off the ground.

  1. Do something you really like. Find what you are passionate about and pursue it. Don’t start something you can’t envision yourself doing for the next five years. Because if it is successful, you will most likely still be doing it in five years.
  2. You will not know everything. While you will know what business you want to start, you probably won’t know all the details surrounding the industry. Start your business anyway. You will quickly learn as you go. Step out of your comfort zone and build relationships with experts in your industry—mentors are valuable to both your professional and personal growth.
  3. Define your market. You need to know who you are selling to, without customers you do not have a business. Define your market and then get to know everything about this segment of the population. These are potential customers and you want to tailor your product to their exact needs and desires.
  4. Find a partner. Partner with someone because it makes your business stronger. Don’t partner with someone just because it’s convenient, partner with them because of the knowledge they bring to the table. The wrong partner can cause unnecessary frustration and put more strain on your startup. However, the right partner will have skills that compliment your own and they will bring a fresh perspective to the business.
  5. Don’t focus solely on raising money. Yes capital is vital to business success, however first focus on building a business so incredible that investors seek you out. A strong product will speak for itself, and excite you, potential customers and investors alike.

Starting a business is hard work. There will be days where you want to quit and go back to a corporate job, but don’t let these days deter you—instead, let these days motivate you.

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“Don’t wait for the right moment to start a business. It never arrives. Start now.”—Lauris Liberts


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