HI Growth Entrepreneurs’ Day 2014

HI Growth Entrepreneurs’ Day

This past Wednesday, March 5th, marked the second annual HI Growth Entrepreneurs’ Day at the Hawaii State Capital. The purpose of this day is to voice the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for the future of Hawaii’s economy. It is a day where State lawmakers and entrepreneurs come together to discuss not only legislature but what the future can look like for the Aloha state with continued support and a focus on innovation.

The HI Growth Initiative – a $6 million comprehensive investment program that represents a bold new approach to reinvigorate state efforts to fuel an innovation economy – was subsequently passed by the legislature, in part to the collective voice of Hawaii’s entrepreneurial community.

Collin Kobayashi, our President & Chief 3D Officer, was at the event this year and had some great positive feedback to share…

With a large turnout of small businesses and entrepreneurs, the State Capitol was filled with enthusiasm and innovation to showcase to our state legislators.  The event provided a great opportunity to network with others, as well as learn about new developments in the entrepreneurial world.

People were excited to share information about their products and services. A common topic that was a center for discussion was how past and potential laws are affecting small business activity in Hawaii.  This event provided a great opportunity to get direct feedback from law makers and to provide them with an entrepreneurs point of view.

All in all, I thought that it was a good event for entrepreneurs to come out and showcase their talents and to let the legislature know that innovation is a continuing and growing part of Hawaii’s economy.

We look forward to not only this event next year but hopefully more events like this in which local entrepreneurs can come together and support one another.


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