Impressive 3D Printing Products at RAPID 2015

The RAPID 2015 Conference & Exposition in Long Beach, CA displayed numerous new 3D printing products and hosted an array of industry leaders speaking extensively about the technology. We unfortunately did not get the chance to attend the conference this year but have been keeping up with the technology exhibited through various news outlets. Design News recently posted a slideshow, 12 New & Notable 3D Printing Products from RAPID 2015, which gives great examples of the additive manufacturing technology showcased and where the technology is heading. 3D printing technology continues to mature and applications for the technology are rapidly expanding.

“Among the notable but not new we’ve already reported, ExOne exhibited its two most recent machines, the Innovent for educational and lab applications and the Exerial for making industrial-scale finished products. Concept Laser showcased its M2 Cusing selective laser melting (SLM) system we told you about, which debuted at Euromold last fall. Also there was Sciaky, showing off its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) systems for making very high-quality, very large-scale metal parts.”

We invite you to view the slideshow in its entirety on the Design News website.


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