Inside 3D Printing is Coming to Hong Kong – Get 10% OFF

3D Innovations is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Inside 3D Printing Conference and Expo! The event will be traveling to Hong Kong on August 26-27, and bringing along the brightest speakers in the industry as well as progressive exhibitions from the organizations that are helping move the 3D printing revolution forward.

Session topics include Medical Applications in 3D Printing: Biomodeling and Patient Specific Instruments, 3D Printing and The Future (or Demise) of Intellectual Property, Funding 3D Printing Start-Ups in Asia, Additive Manufacturing for The Aerospace Sector, and more.

Whether you’re an additive manufacturing veteran or new to 3D printing, don’t miss the chance to stake your claim in the 3D printing business boom. Interested in attending? Get 10% OFF Gold Passports with code 3DINNOVRegister now!

Interested in exhibiting? Email for more information.

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