Lets Work Together to Bring 3D Printing to the Classroom

3D printing is a great way to get students interested in mechanical engineering and CAD. Unfortunately many schools do not have the funds or budget flexibility to purchase a 3D printer. We have been brainstorming and want to share some fundraising ideas. With a little planning and community support your students could soon be on their way to a stimulating engineering and technology lesson. Who knows, you just might be opening the door for students to fall in love with a STEM education field they did not know existed.

  1. A bake sale for the school and local community
  2. A school event in which proceeds (from ticket sales) go towards your 3D printer purchase (such as a student art night, student dance show, student play, etc.)
  3. A technology collection at your next school fair
  4. A school-wide fundraiser over the course of an academic year (nothing is more fun than a grade or classroom challenge)
  5. Contact the 3D printing company and ask for a school discount
When everyone gets together to help out it not only makes fundraisers fun, but it also brings the entire community together!

Look Ma, I Made It Myself! 10 Amazing Things 3-D Printers Can Do Now

What other fundraising ideas do you have? If you have raised funds to purchase a 3D printer or other piece of technology for your school please share you success story with us so that it can help inspire others!

April 2024

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