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Is it just us or does it seem as though makerspaces are rapidly popping up all over the world? When you go to Google and type in ‘makerspace’, not only do you find a long list of established makerspaces, but also numerous tutorials on how to build a successful makerspace. As an engineering and product development firm we think this evolution is exciting, as it reflects a changing mindset in individuals and the business community. People have ideas and many want to turn their ideas into an actual product, not only for their own use, but to commercialize it and share it with the world. Makerspaces allow people to find the resources to do just this!

While makerspaces are wonderful on so many levels, it can be challenging for makerspaces to find dedicated experts in certain fields to be a resource for their budding entrepreneurs. Our 3D Innovations team has experience working with makerspaces on a variety of levels. We specialize in 3D engineering and specifically the entire product development life cycle (from 3D design to a fully functional 3D prototype and product) and have helped numerous entrepreneurs launch successful businesses. If your makersapce has product development questions or is simply looking for an engineering and 3D printing resource for your makers please reach out to us and we can chat!

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3D Innovations is a full service 3D Engineering/Design company – from the 3D Design to a fully functional 3D Prototype & Product.

May 2024

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