Makerspace Labs For Education

Makerspace Labs have been popping up in schools all over the U.S. which help to promote STEM Education and advanced technology programs. Most labs are outfitted with small machinery, soldering equipment, and 3D Printers. Utilizing these types of equipment, students can get a real sense of industry practices and learn about what engineers do and see the types of tools that they use in their daily jobs.

This integration of industry practices with the educational system assist in the development and retainment of students who become involved with STEM programs. These labs are typically an extension of other STEM programs and are designed to complement these other types of programs. While this type of environment is created to support design/build activities, other subject areas such as science, math, art, and even history are being integrated as part of advanced learning opportunities and provide students with other methods of learning.

Does your school or children’s school have a Makerspace Lab? If so, please share your thoughts on it with us!