Mentors are Critical for STEM Success

As we look back at our career, we reflect on those people that helped shape our path and that continue to influence us. A recent article, Path to Innovation: Women, Mentors and STEM Success has sparked a discussion among us about the importance of mentors at all stages of our lives.

“Mentors play a critical role in bringing new people to careers in STEM.” You don’t have to be apart of a “formal” program to be a mentor, you could be sharing your STEM interest with students in your local community and family on a more informal basis. If you are encouraging young people around you to see STEM in a different light and follow their passion, you are a mentor.

Make STEM Cool. STEM careers go beyond traditional engineering and analytic jobs that most people equate with STEM education; “Encourage students to pursue STEM by showing the creative, diverse and unexpected career paths that can result from degrees in these fields”. There really are thousands of cool STEM careers out there — 10 Amazing Jobs You Could Land With the Right STEM Education. Helping students connect the dots between STEM education and impactful careers is essential.

Stay Connected. Whether you are mentoring a young person informally or formally be sure to stay connected so that you can continue to be a positive influence in their life. This connection will allow them to ask questions and delve deeper when they are trying to hone in on their future career path. Your encouragement will make a difference.

Mentors really are critical for STEM education success and developing a pipeline of future innovators.

*If you are considering becoming a formal mentor, check with your local community and learn about the different STEM organizations that could benefit from your time and talents.


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