New Design Project: “Bugle2” – A DIY Phono Preamp

In our line of business we have the opportunity to meet fantastic entrepreneurs and business owners and often we become fully immersed in the projects we work on with them; The Bugle2 is one of these projects. “The Bugle2 is a second generation DIY kit phono preamplifier for vinyl playback.” This project is currently on Kickstarter and is working towards their funding goal. If you are a music lover, you have to check out the Bugle2!

What is it? The Bugle2 is a DIY kit for those of you who know how to solder and build electronic projects. It plugs in-between your turntable and audio system (linestage or integrated amplifier) providing the requisite gain and equalization for vinyl playback. It can be built with gains of either 40dB or 60dB, accommodating both moving magnet or moving coil cartridges. The second generation circuit design is an improvement to my popular Bugle phonograph preamplifier.

Who needs it? Anyone who plays vinyl LP records and wants better sound. I also highly recommend a decent turntable to pair with it (such as the U-Turn). You will be amazed at how good vinyl can sound.

Why Kickstarter? The cost of getting custom cases is high. I have calculated break-even costs to be 113 kits, without postage. After adding postage and about $10 margin per kit I came up with the $16,000 minimum pledge value to fund this project. You get a great product and I am safely launched into the marketplace.

Learn more on Kickstarter

May 2024

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