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A startup checklist to help you tackle your 2022 resolutions.If you are making a resolution in the new year to pursue your startup dream, it doesn’t haven’t to wait until 2022. There are ways you can start working toward your goal now—whether it’s registering a trademark, learning about intellectual property, networking, or interviewing potential product development partners—there are things you can do now, right now, to help you get a jumpstart. Below is a ‘startup checklist’ that you can work on now, so that you are poised for success in the coming year.

Set your goal and intention.

We love the idea of a new year’s resolution, however nothing magical happens as soon as the calendar shifts into 2022. So why wait? Start writing your goals, resolutions and intentions now. Whether you are looking to finally develop that product you think about constantly or you want to launch a full-blown startup, set a clear goal to work towards. Write it down and put it somewhere visible as a reminder.

Start your research.

When it comes to business there are so many different areas you need to be familiar with. Start familiarizing yourself with intellectual property, target markets, marketing, funding options, local organizations that help small businesses and networking opportunities. The more research you do now, the more prepared you will feel as you shift into high gear.

Learn the business landscape.

You are going to be launching into a specific market niche and you need to be familiar with all facets of it. Who are the big players? Who is leading innovation in this area? Where is there room for improvement? Business landscapes can be tricky, and your job is to find that small gap in them and dive right in to solve the problem.

Tackle manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a hot topic right now because of unprecedented global delays taking place. When it comes to product development, one major hurdle, no matter your product, is finding a manufacturing partner. First, weigh the pros and cons of manufacturing close to home versus internationally. Where once manufacturing products in China meant reduced costs, that is not necessarily true right now. Your job is to decide what makes the most sense for your product and your company’s mission.

Second, begin looking into potential manufacturing partners now. Find a company that is making something similar to what you have in mind and see who their manufacturing partner is. Does it make sense for you to also use this partner or are there better options out there that fit your needs? With the current manufacturing turmoil, be prepared to spend quite a bit of time looking into manufacturing now and later on when you start talking with potential manufacturing partners.

Explore product development partners.

Many entrepreneurs have fantastic product ideas but not necessarily the skillset to efficiently bring them to life. This is where a product development partner can help. A product developer and designer will be able to assist in the design, prototyping, manufacturing and commercialization of your product. These partners have a unique skillset and years of experience building products, so they are able to help you navigate the entire process from start to finish.

When it comes to following your dreams, we are firm believers in getting started now. Hopefully this startup checklist can help you get going so you are ready to pursue your goal in the coming year.

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