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“What is it that you do exactly?” Like most businesses, this is a question that we hear frequently and most times we have to provide a quick summary under the umbrella term of “engineering” but the services we offer go far beyond that. Below you will find a list of the types of services we provide to our clients:

• Conceptual Designs through Photo-realistic Renderings
Let us create conceptual designs that convey your ideas by creating Photorealistic renderings that make your idea look realistic. When ready, transform your conceptual design into a final design that can be prototyped and manufactured.

• 3D models and Patent Drawings for Inventors
Have a great idea? We have helped many independent inventors take their ideas and transform them into products. We can provide designs, prototypes, injection mold/manufacture ready files, 3D models, and patent drawings.

• 2D to 3D Conversion – turning 2D Sketches into 3D Models
Need a 3D model? Send us your sketch or 2D data and we’ll convert it into a 3D model. Use the 3D model for manufacturing or get a part made using our 3D Printing services.

• Engineering Design/Drafting meeting ANSI/MIL Standards
Have 3D Innovations support your engineering/design team by creating designs and manufacturing drawings that meet ANSI/MIL standards.

• Product design – Development and Prototyping
Need to develop new designs? Contact us to see how we can streamline the design and manufacturing process. Use our various types of product design and prototyping services to get your designs developed into products.

• Industrial Design
Using our digital design methods, we can provide a virtual assembled design of your system to visually and functional identify any discrepancies before the system is built. See how 3D Innovations can help you achieve a shorter design cycle and build a more cost effective system.

• 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
Build functional prototypes quickly and more cost effectively by using 3D Printing to test and evaluate designs or use them to market your products. Contact us today to see how 3D Printing can bring your idea to reality. Click here to learn about 3D Printing.

• Manufacturing of Finalized Designs
Do you have finalized designs? We have the resources to support all of your manufacturing needs. We can provide Injection Molding, Casting, Sheet Metal, Thermoforming, and CNC resources.

• Design and Development of Renewable Energy Projects
We support the design and development of all types of Renewable Energy projects. From part design to assembly design, you will be able to visualize the product before it is created.

• Aftermarket Automotive – Parts Development
Need custom designed parts or components? 3D Innovations can provide you with design services to develop precision parts that can be retrofitted and installed to fit correctly.

• Research & Development
From Sheet Metal to custom manufactured parts, we can assist with your R&D and Design/Build projects. Need design documentation? We can provide Fabrication/Manufacturing, Part drawings, and Assembly drawings to fit your specific needs.

• Medical Devices Prototypes and Development
Our custom design services can provide your company with prototype and production parts to get your devices through the design and development stages. We can provide Injection Molding and Manufacturing designs to get parts manufactured more cost effectively and ready for introduction into market segments.

As you can see, we offer a wide variety of engineering services. If you are looking for an engineering partner, contact us today!

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