Popular 3D Printing & STEM Education News (April 29th – May 3rd)

Happy Friday! Below is a summary of the most talked about 3D Printing and STEM education news for the past week. Two 3D Printing stories really took off this week Scientists use 3D printer to create ‘bionic ear’ that hears better than you and GE Prepares to Test the Potential of Additive Manufacturing, so if you are short on time we highly recommend that you check out these two news bits. Regarding STEM, the Smithsonian came out with an interactive infographic in which you can follow the STEM education path from early childhood to workforce entry, and along the way you can see the benefits of a STEM education at the different stages Infographic: Where a STEM Education Can Take You (very cool!).

As always, if you would like to add a news article to the list, please leave it as a comment on this blog post. Thanks!

3D Printing News

STEM Education News


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