Popular 3D Printing & STEM Education News (March 4th – March 8th)

Today marks the beginning of South by Southwest (SXSW) and we just know that there is going to be a lot of chatter about 3D printing during and after the event. We are already seeing headlines about new 3D printing products popping up and this is only Day 1. We will be sure to share the most popular news and advancements with you here on our blog. In the meantime, this week we saw the application of 3D printing put to a number of different uses and it just shows how the technology has the potential to influence many different sectors. As for STEM, this week we came across a great article talking about a partnership between Finland and the United States…this kind of cooperation and joint efforts is refreshing and hopefully more countries will adopt this notion and work together to advance STEM.

As always, if there is a news article that you would like to share please leave it in the comments section of this blog. Thanks!

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