Product Design: Baby Proofing Bar

A client of ours has an active Kickstarter campaign going for the Baby Proofing Bar—if you have small children at home, you are going to want to check out this product. Kitchens can be a dangerous place for little kids, and this product aims to reduce kitchen related injuries. This patent pending device deters children from opening cabinets and can be installed in just seconds with no need for tools, while leaving your cabinets completely undamaged.

baby_proofing_barHow It Works

How the Baby Proofing Bar works is very simple… The Baby Proofing Bar uses a combination of tension and friction between the cabinet counter top and the floor. A baby or toddler is unable to pull the Baby Proofing Bar out of place. However, when an adult depresses the top down, it easily is removed.

Quick Instillation

The Baby Proofing Bar can be installed in seconds and requires no tools. Renters and home owners alike can appreciate both the quick instillation and the lack of damage to cabinets. Its slim product design makes it easily portable—which is especially helpful around the holidays when you are traveling to visit family.

Benefits of the Baby Proofing Bar:
  • Doesn’t allow little fingers to get pinched, as it keeps the doors and drawers completely shut;
  • Simple and fast to install and remove;
  • Works on kitchen cabinet drawers or doors;
  • Use temporarily or long term;
  • Perfect for renters who are not allowed to damage kitchen cabinets or drawers;
  • Can travel with you to Grandma’s, the sitter or on vacation;
  • Grandma can have her own Baby Proofing Bar to install before the grandkids visit, then easily remove and store after they leave;
  • Has 1/2” adjustability to allow just the right tension for you and your toddler.

Learn more about the Baby Proofing Bar and how you can support the Kickstarter campaign on the company website.


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