Product Design Collaboration Leads to Crowdfunding Success

2.pjacksonCrowdfunding has fundamentally changed the way we develop and launch products. Individuals now have the power to obtain funding and commercialize an idea in less time. However, like any endeavor, unexpected challenges arise and it is necessary to be prepared.

From our experience, having a Product Design firm involved with the design process earlier in the campaign, or if possible, prior to launching will help crowdfunding companies establish themselves and their products. Entrepreneurs do not want to find themselves in the position of raising the necessary capital through crowdfunding, but then having no idea where to actually begin. A Product Design firm can negate this and make sure you are adequately prepared for what lies ahead.

What to expect… An engineering partner will properly test and validate the design, evaluate the sustainability of the design and make sure the product can be successfully manufactured. Also, they will be able to assist with not only developing the idea, but developing an entire project plan, from design to prototyping and manufacturing. From there, the Product Design firm can assist with additional design factors that make assembly and packaging more efficient — resulting in cost savings. It all boils down to showing the crowdfunding community that you are prepared and committed to the successful launch of your product.

Below are three additional reasons to choose an engineering partner for your next crowdfunding campaign…

Proper Product Development Procedures

There needs to be a synergistic approach to the product development process, allowing the entrepreneur to provide feedback while the engineering partner ensures that the design meets manufacturing requirements. Engineers will be able to develop and update the product design models and provide prototypes reflecting design changes for testing and validation purposes.

Managing Supply Chains

Managing supply chains is a critical factor. A lot of crowdfunding companies who have raised capital and need to move into the manufacturing process are not aware of the many pitfalls that can arise, and experience delays in fulfilling their orders because they lack the knowledge and experience in working with manufacturers — who are often overseas. Many entrepreneurs often rely on the first (and only) manufacturer that they meet, and fail to fully evaluate other manufacturing companies. A Product Design firm has the knowledge and experience to connect you with reputable supply chain partners.

Increased Focus on Core Activities

With an engineering team focusing on the design and development of the product, more focus can be given to other areas of the business. The current team can concentrate on marketing, business development and all other areas necessary to build a successful business brand.

Collaboration with a Product Design firm can help you successfully develop and commercialize your next great product idea.

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