Product of the Week: Easy Drone XL

easydronexlThe popularity of drones has grown immensely over the past several years and advancements are happening at a rapid pace. The Easy Drone XL is the next iteration in the consumer drone market. Through extensive consumer feedback from a previously crowdfunded drone campaign, the inventors behind the Easy Drone XL determined that two features needed to be included this time around, a longer flight time and ability to hold heavier cameras and equipment. Through meticulous product design, this drone has a flight time of 45 minutes on a single battery charge and can lift up to 3 lbs of weight. Both of which are unheard of for the consumer drone market.

The compact design of the Easy Drone XL lets you easily fit it into a travel backpack and weighing a mere 5.2 lbs means that it’s not difficult to pack up and carry. The Easy Drone XL has the same level of functionality of a professional camera drone, but it comes in at a much more friendly price point.

The consumer drone market is still taking shape, and hobbyist seem to receive the most attention, but behind the scenes many industries are embracing drone technology, such as: agriculture, energy, construction, real estate, and film production. Educational institutions are also using drones as a means of introducing STEM subjects. The Easy Drone XL would make a great addition to a business or educational tool for students.

Learn more about the Easy Drone XL on Kickstarter.


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July 2024

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