Product Design: An Innovation Focused Mindset

innovation2Innovation is a buzzword that is thrown around quite a bit, and especially when it comes to product development. Every new consumer product or software startup is “innovative” or pushing the boundaries of “innovation”. While it is easy to get lost in all the noise, one thing remains true, individuals and businesses thrive on being innovative and succeed when they make innovation a top priority.

Three ways to incorporate an innovation mindset into your product design:

  1. Be open to collaboration. Each individual on your team has a unique skill set and a different way of approaching challenges. As an entrepreneur it can be hard to wavier from your initial design, but being open to suggestions and collaboration will only help throughout the product design process. As David Allen, a leading productivity consultant, has stated, “You can do anything – but not everything”.
  2. Do your research. Take time to thoroughly research and investigate—your competition, the industry niche, industry leaders, and feedback from potential consumers. The information gathered from your research will only enhance your product design. You want to be sure that your product will stand out among the competition and that it is exactly what consumers are looking for.
  3. Test ideas. Come up with an idea, test it out and refine it. No idea is going to be 100% perfect the first go around. It is going to take a few attempts to settle on a design that both you and future customers will love. Don’t be afraid to change direction, nothing is set in stone this early in the product development cycle.

The right innovation mindset will take your product design from idea to impact. You started this entrepreneurship journey to make a difference and change the marketplace—allow your mindset and designs to evolve to meet these goals.


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