Product of the Week: LumiPocket LT

Makers this one is for you! The compact LumiPocket LT is a resin-based 3D printer, laser engraver and PCB etching machine that is ready to take your project to the next level. This machine is extremely versatile and eliminates the need of purchasing multiple machines for a single project.

lumi“It is more than just a high quality, resin based 3D Printer: it is also a fast PCB etching machine, and a Laser engraver that can work with many different materials.” The LumiPocket LT is completely autonomous, which means that once you have completed a printing/engraving/etching job within the software, you can simply insert the SD card into the LumiPocket LT and it will do all the rest, turning off after the work is done.

In addition to the full functionality of this product, its compact size also makes this product stand out. It measures a mere 20 x 12 x 38 cm, and weighs less than 2Kg. It was also designed to consume an extremely low amount of power, using less that 5W. While the 3D printer market might be crowded, the product design behind the LumiPocket LT helps it stand out from the competition.

Features Overview:

  • Light-curing, resin-based 3D printing. This type of 3D printing is fast and provides higher quality than FDM 3D printers, specially with 3D models with small details.
  • Fast PCB etcher. Insert a presensitized PCB board into LumiPocket LT’s special tray, import your PCB files, and watch it etch your PCB that is then ready to be developed.
  • Compact laser marker & engraver. Engrave many different materials using the integrated UV laser. This feature is very useful for creating business cards, QR codes, coasters, and much more.

Learn more about the LumiPocket LT on Kickstarter or the official website.


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June 2024

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