Product of the Week: MonoShot

We rely on the functionality of our smartphones more and more, and the exceptional quality of photos that can now be taken with a smartphone has rendered many cameras obsolete. Getting the perfect shot or video is what many of us strive for, and it can be much more challenging than it sounds. Enter the MonoShot. The MonoShot is an “ultra-portable, custom monopod with attachments for any surface, situation, or device; and includes a hands-free shutter remote”. The MonoShot is both convenient and economical.

MonoShotThe MonoShot is built to work with your smartphone or GoPro. The device is compact and can fit into your bag, which makes it handy for an afternoon hike or day at the beach. Additional features include:

  • Ultra Durable: Designed out of machined aluminum and hardened steel, the MonoShot was built to shoot in all kinds of terrain.
  • Bluetooth Shutter: Works with all devices, so you can easily take hands free photos and videos.
  • Universal Design: The unique smartphone holder allows the MonoShot to accommodate all makes and models of smartphones with ease.
  • Selfie Mode: Mount the video head on the bottom of the MonoShot, and you have a Selfie Stick that extends up to 5 feet.

The fantastic product design of the MonoShot and attention to detail sets the MonoShot apart from its competition.

Learn more about the MonoShot on Kickstarter and the official website.


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June 2024

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